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At Maykit, we're committed to coaching. Supporting you to be the best you can!

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Unlock your potential and propel yourself forward with Helen's coaching services. Her approach emphasizes openness, commitment, courage, and respect, to help you build your goals.

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Articles & Events

Revive your knowledge articles with our engaging tips and tools on coaching and leadership. Say goodbye to dull content and hello to inspired learning!

Looking for a dynamic speaker? Look no further than our expert Helen Garcia, who specializes in cognitive and behavioural coaching skills. 

Chris Mayberry

Business Analyst & Project Lead - Praxis Solutions

"One of the most beneficial aspects of Helen's coaching has been her guided questions that cause me to pause and reflect on a given situation. She can see the forest for the trees and helps plot a path through the confusion that leads me to discover a resolution. I've grown and benefitted personally and professionally from her input."

LJ Mendoza

Product Owner - The Economist

"Helen at Maykit helps you uncover answers you already had through coaching.From reframing obstacles so that they weren’t limiting us to give us tools to go from a state of overwhelm to having an actionable plan."
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