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Updated: Jan 5

In the likely instance that you are not aware, I have always wanted to train as an electrician. For fun mainly, and a handy pastime if needs call.

And so after many (many) years, I ventured online and booked my Stage 1 - Domestic Electrician, and today was day 1.

My career has taken me to Scrum Mastery and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching which I also love. So I am here to see what, and if, there are any "live connections"* correlating.


  1. Learning a new skill is HARD. Regardless of how old or passionate you are, we are all wired differently and that's ok. Be gentle and non-judgemental when others in your team need more time.

  2. FAIL FAST and SAFE. Failure to follow the safety guidelines can literally kill you when experimenting with electricity. They won't in projects, fail fast, and fail together. It's the best way to learn about yourself and others.

  3. CHARGE. As a tradesperson, you charge, for every "favour" or extra job, and that's accepted in society. As freelancers and consultancies, it's always a small shock when you address additional extra jobs that aren't free. Let's normalise that.

  4. Differences bring STRENGTH. Everyone taking their first step to becoming an electrician has come from different backgrounds and have different ideas of their future. As scrum teams we all have different experiences, embrace these views, skills and opinions.

  5. Connections BRING light. Without a cable there is no light (obvious), be the cable in your industry, shed some light on good practices, failures and speak up when things aren't right.

*WARNING: Puns will be present throughout the article. If that's not your thing, take a trip.

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