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Sparky and Coach, crime busters of learning.

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

As you know now from yesterdays article "Sparky and Coach, clear up any mystery" I have always been interested to train as an electrician. For fun mainly, and also a handy pastime if needs call.

Day 2: Yesterday was hard, today was harder! I came in with confidence, thinking "I got it" and left with a non-literal shock*.

So what did I learn....


  1. TEST to fail. As an electrician you are not necessarily testing to prove how great your circuit is, you are testing for faults. Do the same in your teams, and organisation. Are you testing to prove yourself wrong?

  2. Tidy TOOLS. Messy work sites can lead to slips, trips and falls as well as damaged tools that could cause a shock--if you're lucky. When you are on-site or 'in' a 'web'-site, keep it tidy, reduce technical debt, encourage peer reviews, whether that's code or design sketches and anything in-between.

  3. Be LOGICAL. Steps 1,2,3, saves time and lives. Don't skip because of your years of experience. Good practices are for life not just for newbies. Within the Agile mindset we journey towards SHU-HA-RI but it's important to master the Shu before moving ahead. Practice-Do-Repeat.

  4. Two BONDS are better than one. Pair up, to peer up. Working with others to build something, collaborate and feedback continuously. It's not a race, it's about learning together, reminding each other of the why, what and when. Scrum is all about continuous learning to improve.

  5. SIMPLIFY Complexity. Electricity is complicated, it's scientific and mathematical. It also throws in some big words such as; Circuit Protective Conductor (Earth), Main Equipotential bonding (provide a path for earth fault current). Our values at Maykit address simplicity. Yes, life, work and play can often be complicated but it's up to us to simplify it for our own and others understanding.

*WARNING: Puns will be present throughout the article. If that's not your thing, take a trip.

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