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Maykit builds resilient, happy teams that bring value to your customers.

scrum mastery &

We have over 10 years of project experience over a vast number of industries from Tech, Rail, Simulation, Pharma, and Non-Profit, both as consultants and client side.

Scrum Masters are an integral part of the scrum team. If you are thinking about moving to scrum or enhance where you are in supporting your Agile journey, Maykit can help you.


We understand the growing pains that can be experienced, allow us to support your business with certified Scrum Alliance Scrum Master with experience across multiple industries and teams.

Agile Coaches can support your organisation growth, and  transform the way your teams think, act and start building a future they can support. Taking you from stuck to unstuck. 


"Coaching allows people to think, it supports an empty space and gives the client the pace to self discover"



We provide training and workshops focusing on agile frameworks.


Workshops are based on focused learning sessions. From understanding how to inspect and adapt to bringing more value to your sprints, user stories and story mapping to name but a few.

Training encompasses both theory and practical sessions, virtual and face to face if desired. We cover Agile fundamentals, Agile team structures, user stories, roles and responsibilities. 

Training: 9 Candidates | None certified | 6 hours (across 2 days)

Workshops: 5 < 9 Candidates | Hours based on client needs


Keynotes & 

We focus on building resilient teams and organisations. Our passion drives motivational keynotes and events to give your teams the energy, creativity and innovation to deliver great products. 

Are you a consultancy, struggling with customer demands? We support all consultancies on how not to get fired. With simple and affect tips and tools embedded in our talks. 

Does your event need a spark of creativity? We  are full of great virtual team building ideas. From epic rock, paper, scissor competitions to virtual bar crawls and tours of London town!

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knowledge articles
& Blogging


Blogging gets your business seen not just heard, get increased visibility through fun, thought provoking knowledge articles. 

We pride ourselves on easily digestible information, based on our experiences within teams, experiments and case studies. You can find Helen Garcia (Founder & Blogger) show cased on: Quality Cloud, Association Project Management, K2, Saleforce Ben and right here on at Maykit. 

Topics; Salesforce features and apps, project management, organisational change and agile frameworks.

Note: We do not promote products through our articles, we share knowledge to help the wider community. 

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